United Steel's Core Vision - Empower a team to build success

United Steel's history of success is due largely to our strong framework supporting an effective organizational culture. Our core vision is: Empower a team to build success. Through this vision we have operated effectively and efficiently, providing solutions to both internal and external customers. We look forward to a continued tradition of providing excellence in the steel industry.

United Steel's Core Values

Customer Relationships
Building value through professional communication, teamwork, and dedication
Continuous Improvement
Investing in process improvements and innovative technology to grow our competitive advantage
People Development
Investing in a safe and creative culture which encourages our people to grow
Enjoyable Culture
Valuing everyone's importance in a fun and rewarding environment

United Steel's Core Behaviors

Rise to the Challenge
  • Take on a difficult task and do it to the best of your ability
  • Put in the extra effort to meet our schedule and help our customers
  • Make problems opportunities
    • Anti-Value: Give up or fail
Win as a Team
  • Be a teammate and contribute to solutions, not problems
  • Help our customers, fellow employees and community be the best they can be
    • Anti-Value: Selfish and individual acts
Find Ways to Help
  • Look for different ways you can help the project team, the United Steel team and the community.
  • Ask questions
    • Anti-Value: Stay secluded and don't communicate
Have Fun
  • Enjoy life and the people around you
  • Be lighthearted and flexible
    • Anti-Value: Grumpy, irritated and disinterested