Structural Steel and Miscellaneous MetalsUnited Steel is an industry leader. Our fabrication and erection capabilities make us New England’s largest provider of structural and miscellaneous metals, but our strengths do not stop with our size.

Our seasoned office staff is available to help in all aspects of the construction process from budgeting and pre-planning thru turnover. Our use of the latest detailing software allows us to be fully BIM compatible and we are poised to meet the future needs of the electronic document revolution. Our 160,000 square foot facility is tooled with the latest equipment and manned by multiple crews of experienced craftsmen. Our shop takes complete advantage of the latest CNC technology and we are proud to be one of the most “High Tech” fabrication facilities in the world. We are supported by multiple cranes and crews of in-house merit based ironworkers who have a proven track record of safety and production.

As an AISC (American Institute of Steel Construction) Advanced Certified Erector and Fabricator we are on the forefront of the critical processes essential to safety and quality. Our philosophy on safety has allowed us to maintain a stunning EMR, while working in a historically dangerous profession. We also have access to numerous Union Subcontractors throughout New England should it be necessary. We would be honored for the opportunity to show you why “Support is our Strength”