Structural steel is the most popular framing material for commercial buildings in the United States. United Steel is proud to be a part of that tradition. The steel beams and columns we fabricate in our manufacturing facility constitute the backbone of projects across New England. Our automated facility allows us to meet design specifications– and to address those last minute adjustments that are inevitable in any project.

Below is a small sampling of the structural components created in our fabrication facilities:

▪ S-Beam
▪ WF Beam
▪ I-Beam
▪ Columns
▪ Plates
▪ Channels and Angles
▪ Steel Connections
▪ Bracing Systems
▪ Steel Moment Frames
▪ Simple Bridges
▪ Pedestrian Bridges
▪ Decking
▪ Joists
▪ Shear Studs